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my god! a parasyte movie!

2010-10-08 15:30:55 by bedardian

all right, i am freaking out!
new line cinema is making a fricking movie about parasyte...

for those that dont know, it's (parasyte) is a 12 book manga (japanese comic book) that's about a guy that has is arm ''taken over'' by a parasyte (nicknamed lefty/migi, dependending on the region (japan is migi, north american is lefty (america flips the pages e.g., migi (right) become lefty (left).))
anyway, i am freaking out, now i have to wait a couple of months until it comes out...


facts by quacks: donkey kong

2010-06-02 08:52:50 by bedardian

all right, now that i made mr game and watch, i am now going on to the first bad guy in video game industry, donkey kong!

donkey kong first appeared in a 1981 video game with the same name. after the amazing game was played and produced, donkey kong started his own adventure with little over 20 apperances
in games he stars in. he started out of course, with donkey kong (remeber that old game?) and then moved on to donkey kong country, which hit #1 the year it came out (came out on super nintendo).

after several games and stuff that he was the star, donkey kong finally became good, and helped the plumber named mario out. when he did this, he of course went throught design and got more muscle and his DK tie.
later on...
The 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Donkey Kong Country, developed by British game developer Rare, marked a turning point for Donkey Kong by creating a new setting, Donkey Kong Island, and backstory for the character. While retaining the red necktie, he also donned a distinct physical appearance featuring heavy brows and a peaked lock of hair on top of his head. This would become the standard look for Donkey Kong still used over a decade later.

now one of the best game character`s ever, DK is finally relaxing.
bazinga and bye!!!

facts by quacks: donkey kong

facts by quacks: and watch!

2010-06-01 20:02:36 by bedardian

all right! let's start with the very first thing, this is a news post about vido games, and not a blog thingy i think i should be making instead of this... whatever!
back to the subject, mr game an watch the first ever video game character ever made! and watch is actually a mascot for a company called... game and watch... big suprise! anyway, he (the company and and watch) was created in 1980 (yes, it's that exact date.) and the company made handheld games for nintendo (suprise suprise). the games were made on a primitive version of the game boy, which had an LCD screen and built in pixels that made and watch look like he was moving. unfortunalty for (game and watch) the company closed in 1991 and he was pushed out of the gaming industry until later, when he appeard as a playable character in super smash bros melee. and watch had a good run of 59 games for sale and one extremily rare one, won at a nintendo tournament.

mr. game and watch has inspired many many MANY of nintendo's ''original'' stapled games, including donkey kong, super mario bros and zelda. in games like SSBB (super smash bros brawl) mr. game and watch actually has no corporal body, because he can visibly change between forms.

finally, i would like to say that if and watch was never created, we would never have nintendo and would be stuck with 40 copies of sonic... and maybe one game of king kong (not! likely, it was inspired by donkey kong!)

bazinga and good-bye!!!

facts by quacks: and watch!